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 Dog Club May

Spring 2018



Year 8 have been creating their own Giacometti style figures in Art. They also produced a biography of the artist in English. They have been using the medium of ‘MODROC’ to create their mini sculptures, and using the technique of decoupage to finish their figures with some interesting results.

How to help stop climate change

Beamish Trip Year 5

What better way to consolidate learning about the early 20th Century than actually living it! Year 5 had an amazing opportunity to visit Beamish, an open air museum telling the story of life in the North East in the 1900’s.


Playground Games

We have been trialling the  use of playground equipment in the KS2 yard in the hope that pupils will be more active (and less likely to misbehave) during their breaks and lunchtime. Our new sports leaders will be trained next term to lead playground games and activities and will be on duty from  Monday 18th June. The KS3 activities will be active from September.

Photographs of some of our activities can be viewed on our school website:


Sport Relief 2018