Tweedmouth Community Middle School

School Games


The School Games was introduced following the success of London 2012.  It enables every child to participate in meaningful competitive sport irrespective of ability.


There are four levels of competition:

  • Level 1...... Intra school competition (house matches, sports days, etc)
  • Level 2...... Inter school competition (school v school, area competitions, etc)
  • Level 3...... County competition (area v area)
  • Level 4...... National competition (region v region)

Every child at Tweedmouth Middle School takes part in the School Games at level 1 in house matches which include:

Rugby, Hockey, Cross Country, Football, Netball, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics

Following these teams are then chosen to represent the school at level two competions and if they win at this level they go on to represent North Northumberland at the Northumberland School Games (level 3).