Tweedmouth Community Middle School

Autumn Term in Year 5




Well, it's a new year and after a Summer break hopefully you're all raring to go in your new school.  Autumn Term is a busy term with a lot to pack in after finding your way around a bigger school and making loads of new friends, including a trip to the Hirsel; Swimming lessons starting and a visit from the Newcastle Eagles Basketball Team due to our continued involvement in Hoops 4 Health.


The Autumn Term in a snapshot...


In addition to Literacy and Numeracy here is and outline as to the topics we will be studying in the Autumn Term…

In Art this term we will be looking at colour mixing, applying this knowledge to still life drawing. 

PE and Games will have pupils learning football, netball and Tag Rugby with Dougie, alongside our swimming lessons.

In History we will be looking specifically at life in the Stone Age period through to the Iron Age.

Geography we will be finding out more about 'Where we live'.

In Science we will be investigating the Human Body,including organ systems and Keeping Healthy specifically healthy eating, fitness and pulse rate

Design Technology sees us venturing across to the Food Tech room to make Fruit Salad and later on bake bread - both of which ties in nicely with the Science we're doing this term.